10 Amazing Natural Colors Ideas from Flowers

Yellow from Marigolds

Dry the Marigold flower petals, grind them into powder, and mix with flour to make a sunny yellow color.

Red from Rose

Boil Rose petals in water, remove the colored water, and dry the liquid to make a powder for the red color.

Lavender to Purple

To get light Purple color, grind dried lavender flowers finely and make powder.

Sunflower Yellow

Dry and crush Sunflower Petals, then mix with gram flour for a bright yellow color.

Blue from Hibiscus

For Blue color, boil hibiscus flowers, cool the colored water, filter and dry it to make powder.

Pink from Beetroot

Boil Beetroot pieces for deep pink colour, reduce the colored liquid, cool and dry.

Gold from Chrysanthemum

Soak Chrysanthemum petals, drain out the colored water, and dry into powder for a golden hue.

Blue from Indigo

To get a Dark Blue color, soak indigo leaves, filter, dry and crush into powder.

Yellow from Dandelion

Collect Dandelion flowers, dry them, and grind them into powder to make them yellow.