1. Lucky Bamboo

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Easy to care for, lucky bamboo brings harmony and good fortune to your home. It thrives in indirect light.

2. Jade Plant This plant represents wealth and success. It's perfect for home offices to attract financial prosperity in the new year.

3. Snake Plant The snake plant purifies indoor air by removing toxins. It's considered lucky for home protection and good health.

4. Pachira Aquatica This plant attracts positive energy and prosperity to your living space. It needs minimal sunlight, making it suitable for indoor growth.

5. Orchids Representing love, beauty, and strength, orchids make a perfect gift and improve the aesthetic of indoor spaces.

6. Peace Lily The peace lily signifies tranquility and prosperity. It easily blooms and purifies the surrounding air.

7. Aloe Vera Known for its healing properties, aloe vera brings positive energy and good luck. It's easy to maintain

8. Basil This herb attracts wealth and happiness while emitting a pleasant aroma. You can also use it for added flavor in cooking.

9. Rubber Plant Symbolizing abundance, happiness, and wealth, the rubber plant enhances indoor decor while growing well in indirect light.

10. Money Tree Believed to bring good luck and abundance, the money tree is ideal for any corner of your home.