January's Flower

The Carnation for Love Carnations mean deep love, making them great for the new year in January.

February's Flower

The Modest Violet Violets show modesty and faithfulness, like the quiet strength in February.

March's Flower

The Daffodil for New Beginnings Daffodils mean rebirth, just like the new start of spring in March.

April's Flower

The Happy Daisy Daisies feel cheerful and innocent, capturing April's joyful spirit.

May's Flower

The Humble Lily of the Valley This flower means humility and happiness, fitting for May's bloom season.

June's Flower

The Lovely Rose Roses stand for love and beauty, matching June's romantic vibe.

July's Flower

The Open Larkspur Larkspurs mean an open heart, like July's warmth.

August's Flower

The Strong Gladiolus Gladiolus show strength, just like August's resilience.

September's Flower

The Wise Aster Asters symbolize wisdom, going with September's thoughtful nature.

October's Flower

The Creative Marigold Marigolds mean creativity, like the colorful autumn in October.

November's Flower

Chrysanthemums mean being loyal and honest, like November reminds us

December's Flower

Holly stands for hope and joy at home, ending the year nicely in December.