Lalbagh Botanical Garden waterfall Photos, Timings, Entry fee

Lalbagh Botanical Garden waterfall
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Hello Everyone Today’s  We are so excited to share this article with you for interesting things to learn About The Lalbagh waterfall is located in Lalbagh Botanical garden Bangalore, India. Lalbagh Garden established in 1760 and covers an area of 240 acres. One of the highlights of the garden is its beautiful waterfall.

The waterfall cascades down a rocky slope surrounded by beautiful greenery. Visitors and tourist  can view the waterfall from both the top and bottom vantage points. During the monsoon season the waterfall Seen most beautiful. Let’s learn more about Lalbagh Botanical Garden waterfall. 

Lalbagh waterfall Timings



Garden opens

6:00 AM to

7:00 PM

Garden opens

for public

9:00 AM to

5:00 PM

Waterfall watch


6:00 AM to 7:00 PM


Garden closes

7:00 PM

Morning walkers' hour

6:00 AM to 9:00 AM to

6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Lalbagh waterfall Entry fees

Friends for your best knowledge there are no particular charges for waterfall watching . A single ticket consider in whole garden tour.let’s me tell you full details about lalbagh garden ticket prices.




Rs 25/person

Children below

12 years of age


School Students

(in uniform)



Rs 200

Morning walkers' hour


Lalbagh Waterfall's Amazing Facts in Movies

Lalbagh waterfall
  1. Part of India’s Oldest Botanical Garden: The waterfall is a key attraction in the 240-acre Lalbagh Botanical Garden established in 1760 and one of the oldest botanical gardens in India.
  2. In Movies: The Lalbagh Botanical Garden which is very old and big has a waterfall that everyone loves. It’s famous because it appears in many Bollywood movies making scenes about love and dancing more beautiful.
  3. Famous Dance Scene:  In the movie “Yaadon Ki Baaraat,” two actors dance and sing by the waterfall. It’s a popular place for showing love in movies.
  4. Directors’ Favorite: Many directors like to film at this waterfall because it’s peaceful and looks great.
  5. Symbolic Setting: The waterfall looks so calm and beautiful that many Bollywood movies use it to show what true love looks like.
  6. Popular Location: The Lalbagh Waterfall’s is a popular location for film shoots attracting directors and producers from many years. 
  7. Environmental Awareness: Some movies use the waterfall to tell people we should take care of nature and keep places like this safe.
  8. Emotional Moments: The waterfall has been part of many sad and happy movie scenes making the stories feel real. Movies from all around the world have used this waterfall too showing it’s famous everywhere.

Best time to watch Lalbagh Waterfall's

Lalbagh waterfall
  1. Monsoon Season (July to September): This is the peak time to see the waterfall in full mansoom. The heavy rainfall during the monsoon months results in a powerful and impressive flow.  
  2. Early Morning: Please go for watching  the waterfall early in the morning around sunrise for a peaceful and serene experience. The crowds are smaller and the lighting is ideal for photography.  
  3. Late Afternoon: Late afternoon is another great time to visit especially during the golden hours when the sunlight creates a warm and beautiful effect on the waterfall.  That’s makes your day happy.
  4. Weekdays: Consider visiting on weekdays to avoid large crowds that may gather on weekends and holidays.  
  5. Cloudy Days: Cloudy days can provide a unique and dramatic atmosphere around the waterfall making it an excellent time for photography enthusiasts.  
  6. After a Rainfall: The waterfall is most impressive right after a rainfall when the water flow is at its strongest and most powerful.
  7. On Cultural Events: Check the garden’s calendar for any cultural events or performances that might be happening during your visit as they can add an extra layer of entertainment and atmosphere.
  8. On Special Occasions: The waterfall can be a beautiful backdrop for special occasions like proposals anniversary celebrations or even small weddings.

best places to visit near Lalbagh Waterfall

Lalbagh waterfall

  • Glass House – This is one of the most iconic structures inside Lalbagh. The old glass house was built in 1889 and is an excellent example of Victorian-era architecture. It has over 1,854 species of plants. 
  • Lalbagh Rock – The Lalbagh Rock is a massive piece of granite rock that is over 3000 million years old. The waterfall flows over this rock into a pond below. It’s a beautiful spot for photographs. 
  • Lalbagh Lake – This man-made lake is located towards the western end of the gardens. Boating facilities are available here. The lake attracts various birds like herons, kingfishers, mynah and more. 
  • Statues of famous personalities – Lalbagh has statues dedicated to famous botanists and horticulturists like Sir Albert Howard, Sir William Hooker, Dr H.C. Jeyarajendra Wodeyar and others.
  • Fruit Orchards – There are several fruit orchards in Lalbagh showcasing exotic fruits from around the world. The star attraction is a 200 year old mango tree that still bears fruit. You can even taste some seasonal fruits here. 
  • Rose Garden and Chrysanthemum Garden – Special gardens dedicated to roses and chrysanthemums have hundreds of vibrant blooms in season. They are quite photogenic.

activities you can enjoy near the scenic Lalbagh Waterfall

Picnic – Spread out a mat under a tree and enjoy a nice picnic with snacks and fruits from the garden’s orchards. The area around the waterfall is perfect for this relaxing activity. 

Photography – The lush greenery and the mesmerizing waterfall together make an excellent spot for photography enthusiasts. Experiment with different angles, frames and filters to get that wow shot. 

Birdwatching – Keep an eye out for colorful birds like parakeets, mynah, pond herons, kingfishers and more in the trees and garden lands near the waterfall. Carry your binoculars and a birding guide book. 

Boating – Take the paddle boats out onto Lalbagh’s scenic lake near the waterfall. Glide slowly along the waters and take in the beauty all around. 

Guided Walking Tours – Join the organized walking tours to waterfall area to learn about the rich history and horticulture of Lalbagh from expert guides. 

Yoga/Meditation – Find a nice spot beside the waterfall and water body to unwind and de-stress with some yoga poses or just sit in quiet meditation amidst nature. 

Buggy Rides – Explore the vast expanse of Lalbagh in fun buggy rides that take you around the gardens in an eco-friendly electric vehicle.


I have aimed to describe the Lalbagh Waterfall in simple language in this Article The scenic Lalbagh Rock Waterfall is one of the most popular attractions within the expansive Lalbagh Botanical Gardens in Bengaluru. This picturesque waterfall cascades gently down the massive 3000 million year old Lalbagh Rock into a pond below. The lush green surroundings coupled with colorful flowers and choreographed lightings make it an oasis of natural beauty amidst the concrete jungle.

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Lalbagh Waterfall

Which gate to enter Lalbagh?

The four main gates to enter Lalbagh Botanical Gardens are the West Gate on Hosur Road, the East Gate on Albert Victor Road, the North Gate on M.K.V. Road, and the South Gate on Jayanagar Double Road. The West Gate is the most popular and convenient entry and exit point.

are dogs allowed in lalbagh?

No, dogs are not allowed inside Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. The garden authorities prohibit the entry of pets and dogs for the safety of plants as well as other visitors. Guide dogs may be permitted but other dogs cannot enter the premises.

is photography allowed in lalbagh?

Yes, photography is allowed inside Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Visitors can take photos and videos of the beautiful landscapes and floral displays for personal use. However, professional or commercial photography requires prior permission.

how to go to lalbagh in metro?

Take the Green Line metro towards Yelachenahalli from any metro station. Get down at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden metro station which is right next to the West Gate entrance. Follow the signboards to enter through West Gate.

who built lalbagh?

Hyder Ali commissioned the initial building of Lalbagh in 1760. His son Tipu Sultan expanded the gardens significantly by importing exotic plants from countries like Persia, Afghanistan and France.

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