Lalbagh Electric Vehicle Ticket Prices, Timings Guide 2024

Lalbagh Electric Vehicle
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Let me take you on a fun ride around the Lalbagh Botanical Garden. I have been there many times and my favorite thing is exploring the garden in battery cars. It is very relaxing to sit back and let the car take you around when you see all the beautiful flowers, tall trees and peaceful lakes.

You can take a fun journey in a small electric car in Lalbagh Garden. A guide will accompany you in the car. The guide will tell you about the different plants, trees and other things you see during the trip.  To take a ride, you have to pay at the battery car counter near the main entrance of Lalbagh Garden.

The people there will give you a guide and an electric car for the journey.  Taking a guided electric car ride is an easy way to see Lalbagh without getting tired from walking too much. The guides make the visit more enjoyable by telling you interesting facts about the garden.

Lalbagh Electric Vehicle (Battery car) Ticket Prices 2024

Lalbagh Electric Vehicle ticket price
Category Charges
Rs. 100/-
Children's Below 9 Years
Rs. 50/-
40 Minutes

Lalbagh Electric Vehicle (Battery car) Timings 2024

Lalbagh Electric Vehicle
Day Timings
Morning walkers' hour
6:00 AM to 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Garden opens for public
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Electric Vehicle Timings
9:30 AM to 5:30 PM all days
Ticket Issuing Timings
9:30 AM to 4:45 PM all days
Seating Capacity
8-14 people one time
Garden closed
7:00 PM Evening

Best Place to Visit in Lalbagh Garden

best place to visit in lalbagh garden
  1. Glass House – A beautiful building modeled after a famous glass palace in London. It hosts two big flower shows yearly with many types of plants. 
  2. Lalbagh Rock – One of the oldest rocks on Earth, over 3 billion years old, with nice garden views. 
  3. Lalbagh Lake – The peaceful lake in Lalbagh is great for birdwatching and enjoying nature. 
  4. Flower Clock – A unique clock surrounded by flowers that runs on quartz. 
  5. Japanese Garden – A quiet Japanese-style garden in Lalbagh offering a peaceful retreat. 
  6. Bonsai Garden – A collection of miniature bonsai trees showing the bonsai art over decades. 
  7. Rose Garden – The colorful, fragrant Rose Garden with many rose types is part of Lalbagh. 
  8. Tree Fossil – An ancient 20 million year old tree fossil showing plant history.

Lalbagh Garden Main Parking Fee 2024

Vehicle Type Charges for 3 hours
Rs 25
Rs 30
Tempo andmini buses
Rs 50
Heavy buses
Rs 100

Best Time to Visit Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Dear friends if you want to have fun at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden in 2024, here are 10 great times to go:  

  • January 26 – See the beautiful Republic Day flower show with lots of pretty flowers. 
  • Early mornings – It’s quiet and peaceful for walking around. 
  • Late afternoons – The garden looks very nice when the sun sets. 
  • August – There’s another big flower show for Independence Day. 
  • Spring (February-March) – The weather’s nice, not too hot/cold, lots of flowers. 
  • Monsoon (June-August) – Everything is fresh and green, but may rain sometimes. 
  • Weekdays – Less crowded, more space to explore.
  • September-February – Cooler weather, fun to play outside. 
  • Special exhibits – Sometimes special things you don’t normally see. 
  • Early December – Calm weather perfect for picnics or walks.


Lalbagh is a beautiful garden. Electric vehicles make this even better. These do not cause pollution. Many people like to go to Lalbagh. Go to Lalbagh Garden. Ride electric vehicles. Enjoy plants and trees. It is good for the environment. Lalbagh Nursery

Lalbagh Electric Vehicle

Spring (February–March) – The weather is nice, not too hot or too cold, and many flowers are blooming. Nice spring weather and lots of beautiful flowers make it a great time to visit the garden.

Lalbagh looks like a special building of London. It was made like the Crystal Palace. The original Crystal Palace is now gone. Only Lalbagh is left which looks like this.

Lalbagh, also known as Lal Bagh, is a term used in Hindi and Persian languages. It means “red garden” or “beloved garden.” Lalbagh or Lal Bagh can refer to Lalbagh, a city in Mangalore, India. Some historians believe the name has a historical connection to Hyder Ali’s rule. His mother, Majida Begum, was also known as Lal Bi. The original Lalbagh in Srirangapatna (Hyder Ali’s capital) was named after her.

Lalbagh in the city of Bengaluru was built long ago in the 1700s by King Hyder Ali of the Mysore region. Hyder Ali built this large garden and named it “Lalbagh” or “Red Garden” after his mother, Lal Begum.

It is easy to reach Lalbagh Botanical Garden by Metro train. Lalbagh station on the Green Line is located right next to one of the entrances to the garden. After exiting the station, you will find the entrance to the garden at a distance of about 200 metres. The Green Line connects Lalbagh to different parts of the city, making it a convenient transportation option to visit this popular garden without having to deal with traffic.

In Lalbagh, the ticket price for adults is Rs 100 and the ticket price for children below 12 years is Rs 50.

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