Tulips Signs of Spring Tulips in bright colors are perfect for celebrating the start of spring.

10 Best flower Plants For Home Garden

Calming Beauty Loved for its relaxing smell and pretty flowers, lavender is great for any garden.


Dahlias Show-Stoppers With their big blooms in many colors, dahlias make any garden stand out.

Orchids Unique Charm Orchids add a touch of exotic beauty to shady spots in the garden.

Begonias Loves the Shade Begonias do well in shady areas, offering beautiful leaves and flowers in many colors.

Petunias Colorful and Abundant Known for their rich colors and full blooms, petunias brighten up any space.

Pansies Cheerful All Year Tough and colorful, pansies keep gardens lively, even in cooler weather.

Sunflowers Light Up Your Garden Tall and bright, sunflowers are easy to grow and make your garden pop.

Roses Classic Beauty Roses come in many types, adding timeless charm and scent to gardens.

Marigolds Bright and Easy Marigolds are simple to care for, keep pests away, and brighten up the garden.