10 Best flowers for window boxes in full Sun

1. Petunias

These bright, vibrant flowers bloom in a rainbow of colors and thrive in sunny spots.

2. Geraniums

Hardy and long-lasting, these blooms add a pop of color and can withstand hot summer days.

3. Marigolds

Their cheerful yellow, orange, and gold hues brighten up any space while keeping pests away.

4. Zinnias

Low-maintenance and brightly colored, these flowers attract beautiful butterflies to your sunny spot.

5. Verbena

Vibrant flower clusters spill over the edges of your window box in full sunlight.

6. Calibrachoa

These tiny, profusely blooming flowers resemble petunias and add depth with their trailing growth in sunny areas.

7. Nasturtiums

Enjoy their peppery flavor in dishes while admiring their bright, sun-loving blooms.

8. Snapdragons

Add height and color with these tall, sun-thriving flowers available in various shades.

9. Portulaca

These vibrant, succulent-like flowers thrive in full sun and dry conditions.