1. Azaleas

Add a burst of vibrant colors to your front yard in spring with their showy blooms. They thrive in partial shade and acidic soil.

2. Hydrangeas

Bring a splash of color to your front yard in summer with their large, beautiful flowers.

3. Lavender

Enjoy a calming scent and a touch of purple in your yard. These drought-tolerant plants also attract bees.

4. Boxwood Shrubs

Perfect for creating neat, trimmed hedges that give you privacy and enhance your yard's beauty all year round.

5. Forsythia

Their bright yellow blooms in early spring signal the arrival of warmer days, adding a vibrant splash of color.

6. Rhododendrons

Lush greenery and colorful blooms make these perfect for partially shaded areas in your front yard.

7. Spirea

Cascading pink or white flowers attract butterflies and are easy to maintain.

8. Witch Hazel

Their unique, fragrant winter blooms add color and interest during the colder months.

9. Japanese Maplel

With their stunning foliage changing colors throughout the seasons, these make a beautiful focal point.

10. Barberry

Add texture, color, and security with their vibrant foliage and thorny stems.