Lalbagh Main Gate: Parking, Lockers,Entry Fee & Timings 2024

Lalbagh Main Gate
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Hello Everyone Today’s  We are so excited to share this article with you for interesting things to learn About The Lalbagh Botanical Garden is a famous garden in Bengaluru, India. It has four  gates located on each side – West Gate, East Gate, North Gate and South Gate. But West Gate is the Main Gate Of Lalbagh Garden Because the west gate is largest most ornate and historically the primary public entrance. For these reasons over many years the West Gate has established itself as the Lalbagh Main Gate.



Nearby Attractions

West Gate

(Main Gate)

Siddapura side

Lalbagh rock, Kempegowda Tower

East Gate

Jayanagar side

Lalbagh lake,

lotus pond

South Gate

Basavanagudi side

Glass House, Floral Clock

North Gate

Near Glass House

Wide and big road, serves as primary entrance

West Gate (Main Gate)

This is the main entrance. It’s on Lalbagh Road. Lots of people use this gate. It’s near the bus stop. You can see many plants and flowers quickly from here.

East Gate:

This gate is on the Double Road side. It’s good for people coming from the east. You can get to the lake easily from this gate. It’s nice for seeing water and ducks.

South Gate:

This gate is near Siddapura. If you live south of Lalbagh, this gate is close to you. People use it for morning walks. It’s quieter than the other gates.

North Gate:

You can enter from Subbaiah Circle here. Not as many people use this gate. It’s best for visitors from the north. This gate is good if you want a peaceful visit.

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The Best and Easy Entrance Gate of Lalbagh Garden

lalbagh botanical garden entry fee

From all the four gates the West Gate (also known as Siddapura Gate) is considered the best and easiest entrance to Lalbagh Botanical Garden for the following reasons:  

  • Accessibility: It is conveniently located on the main road easily accessible by public transport and private vehicles. 
  • Parking: It has ample parking space compared to other gates making it easier to find a spot during peak hours. 
  • Facilities: It is close to the main attractions within the garden such as the Lalbagh rock Kempegowda Tower and the Glass House. 
  • Information: It has a tourist information center where you can get maps brochures and other helpful information about the garden.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Entry, Luggage, and Parking Inquiry

  • Entry Ticket Counters: can be purchased at the main gates of Lalbagh Botanical Garden. There are 4 main gates – the West Gate on KM Road the East Gate on Double Road the North Gate on Race Course Road and the South Gate on Jayanagar. 
  • At each gate there are ticket counters: where you can purchase entry tickets. The ticket prices are nominal usually ranging from Rs 25 for Indians and same  Rs 25 for foreign tourists. 
  • There are luggage locker: facilities available near the West Gate and North Gate. These are manned locker rooms where you can deposit your bags for a small fee while you explore the gardens. 
  • For parking: there are some paid parking lots outside the West Gate and North Gate. You can park your vehicle here for a fee of around Rs 30-50 for a car or two-wheeler. Parking is not allowed inside the botanical gardens. A  Lalbagh Botanical Garden.

Parking Options Near The Main Gate of Lalbagh Garden

lalbagh botanical garden parking

KH Road Parking Lot – There is a paid multilevel parking lot on KH Road, about a 5 minute walk from the main gate. Charges are reasonable at Rs. 30 for 2 hours. Has capacity for 200+ cars and bikes. 

Siddapura Road – There are spots for street parking available on Siddapura Road near the intersection of KH Road. About 200 meters from the main entrance. Can get full during peak hours. 

Metro Station Parking – The Lalbagh Botanical Garden Metro Station has designated parking areas for two and four wheelers. Rates are affordable and the station is a 10 min walk. 

Government Press Park – The roads around Government Press Park offer free street parking that’s roughly 0.5 km from the gardens. Requires 5-10 mins walking through the park.

Residential Streets – Some residential streets like Bharathi Nagar, Gurumalleshwar Nagar have visitor street parking. 10-15 minute walk to the main gate.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Entry Fee


Entry Fee



Children below

12 years of age


Morning Walkers

(6 AM - 9 AM & 6 PM - 7 PM)


School Students

(in uniform)





Main Things To See Near Each Gate Of Lalbagh Entrance

lalbagh botanical garden images

West Gate (Main Gate):

  • Glass House: It’s a big pretty and most beautiful building that has flower shows twice a year kind of like a famous one in London. 
  • Lawn Clock: There’s a clock that actually works and is made out of flowers! It’s in a really nice garden. 
  • Bandstand: This is a place where people used to play music for the army and other bands right in the middle of lots of green plants. 

East Gate:

  • Lalbagh Lake: This lake is super calm and lots of birds like to hang out here. It’s perfect for a quiet walk or bird watching.
  • Rose Garden: It’s full of roses in all sorts of colors and smells really nice. 
  • Bonsai Garden: Here you’ll see little tiny trees even some that are very very old. 

South Gate:

  • Rock Garden: This garden has a super old rock, one of the oldest you can find. 
  • Tree Fossil: There’s a tree here that turned into a stone a long long time ago – over 20 million years.
  • Butterfly Park: A cool place where you can see lots of different butterflies. 

North Gate:

  • Kempegowda Tower: is One of the four towers the guy who made Bangalore built. You can see a lot of the city from here. 
  • Lalbagh Nursery: is a spot where you can check out and buy all kinds of plants. 
  • Panchavati: Is a  peaceful place where you can sit down relax and enjoy the shade from big trees.


In the last Lalbagh Botanical Garden has different gates for entering, and each one offers something special. The West Gate is the easiest for parking, buying tickets, and starting your tour. No matter which gate you choose, you’ll find beautiful plants and cool places inside. Lalbagh is a great spot for everyone who loves nature.

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Lalbagh Main Gate

Lalbagh Botanical Garden has 4 main gates. These are the West Gate, East Gate, North Gate and South Gate. All 4 gates provide entry access into the gardens. But the west gate is main gate of lalbagh garden.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden has 4 main gates – West Gate, East Gate, North Gate and South Gate. But the West gate Siddapura Road side is main gate of garden.  These gates provide the main public access points into the gardens.

The West Gate has a bus stop just outside it on KM Road. The North Gate is close to Siddapura Circle bus stop on Race Course Road. The East and South Gates do not have direct bus stops near them.

Paid parking lots are available near the West Gate and North Gate of Lalbagh Botanical Garden. Parking is not allowed inside the garden premises. There is no parking at the East and South Gates.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden covers an area of 240 acres. With its expansive green space, it is one of the largest botanic gardens in India. Lalbagh is a lush green oasis in the heart of Bangalore.

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