Lalbagh Mango Mela 2024: Date, Timings & Entry Fee Updates

Lalbagh Mango Mela 2024
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We will take you on a tour of the beautiful Lalbagh Garden and Lalbagh Mango Mela Festival 2024. Lalbagh Garden is a popular place for morning walks, running, and relaxing. People from nearby areas like to visit and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and different activities. The Mango Festival is an exciting part of our visit where you can see and buy many kinds of mangoes.

The annual Mango Festival will begin on May 23 at Lalbagh Garden in Bengaluru. You will get to see many varieties of mangoes in this festival. The decision to organize the festival on this date was taken in a meeting held on May 9. Farmers and people from Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Corporation were present in the meeting.

The Mango Festival will be open to the public for 3 weeks. More than 100 farmers from all parts of Karnataka state will come to this festival. Around 50 stalls will sell different types of mangoes in the festival. Around 15 stalls will sell jackfruit in the festival.

Lalbagh Mango Mela 2024 Timing

Day Timings
Morning walkers' hour
6:00 AM to 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Garden opens for public
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Mango Mela Timings
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Garden closed
7:00 PM

lalbagh mango Mela Dates 2024

Lalbagh Mango Mela 2024
Event Dates
Lalbagh Mango Mela 2024
May To June Month
23, May 2024
After 3 Weeks

lalbagh mango mela entry fee 2024

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Ticket Price
Category Entry Fee
₹30 Per Person
₹10 Per Person
Children below 12 years of age
School Students (in uniform)
Morning Walkers (6 AM - 9 AM & 6 PM - 7 PM)

Mango Varieties in mango mela stalls

The Mango Festival is fun for people who love mangoes. You can find many kinds of mangoes there, like 150 Sweet, Spar, Sindura, Hema, and Mallika. Each mango tastes different and yummy. The mangoes cost different prices, so you can pick ones you like and can afford.

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lalbagh mango price List 2024

Mango Type Price (per kg)
Lalbagh Mango (Sindhura)
Rs. 120 - Rs. 180
Rs. 100 - Rs. 150
Rs. 80 - Rs. 120
Rs. 70 - Rs. 110
Rs. 60 - Rs. 100
Rs. 80 - Rs. 130
Rs. 90 - Rs. 140
Rs. 110 - Rs. 160
Rs. 70 - Rs. 120
Rs. 60 - Rs. 100

Organic and Chemical-Free Mangoes

Mango Festival also has mangoes that are grown naturally without chemicals. Stalls have been set up only for these organic mangoes. These mangoes are special and liked by those who want to eat healthy.

The Beauty of Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh Garden is very beautiful. It has lots of green plants, paths for walking and running. People come here from all kinds of places. They walk, run, or simply rest. They enjoy beautiful nature. There are many trees and plants in the garden. It feels refreshing and good for those who love nature.

Inside the Botanical Garden

As you walk around the garden, you will see a variety of plants and trees in different areas. A special place is the “Mango Seat”, a beautiful structure built to show how important mangoes are in the garden. The people who take care of the garden work hard to keep everything nice and neat so that visitors can enjoy their time there.

lalbagh mango mela Parking fee 2024

Vehicle Type Charges for 3 hours
Rs 25
Rs 30
Tempo andmini buses
Rs 50
Heavy buses
Rs 100
Lalbagh Botanical Garden Parking

is lalbagh mango sweet?

Lalbagh mangoes are very sweet and tasty fruits. Here are some simple points about them:

  1. They grow in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens in Bangalore, India.
  2. These mangoes are super sweet with a rich flavor and no bitterness.
  3. They have a smooth texture with no fibers, making them soft and creamy.
  4. When ripe, they are yellow or orange in color and medium to large in size.
  5. Lalbagh mangoes are only available for a short time, from late April to early June.
  6. People love them for their amazing sweetness and consider them one of the best mango types in Karnataka and South India.

In short Lalbagh mangoes are incredibly sweet and delicious, perfect for enjoying when they are in season.

lalbagh mango origin

Lalbagh mangoes are named after the Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore, India, where they are grown. This variety is called Sindhura mango, which is known for its sweetness and bright red skin. These mangoes first came from this famous orchard and have been grown here for many years. Lalbagh Garden is a special place where these unique mangoes were first cultivated and became popular for their exceptional sweetness and delicious taste. View and by plants mango plants from Lalbagh Nursery.


The Garden and Mango Festival are fun. If you like nature, mangoes, or just want to relax, they are great. When you go to Bangalore, make sure to visit them. You will have a good time seeing pretty plants and eating yummy mangoes.

Lalbagh Mango Mela

Lalbagh Mango Fair in Bengaluru is held every year when mango is in season. This usually occurs from late April to early June.  Lalbagh Mango Fair 2024 will be organized from April 20 to June 12.

The amount you pay for a battery car ride in Lalbagh botanical garden can differ. As of August 2023, most rides cost between ₹100 and ₹300.

To buy tickets for visiting Lalbagh botanical garden, you have a couple choices. You can get entry tickets at the garden entrance when you get there.

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