Lalbagh Lake Amazing Photos, History, Timings, Entry fee

Lalbagh lake images
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Hello Everyone Today’s  We are so excited to share this article with you for interesting things to learn About Lalbagh Lake is a famous man-made lake in Bangalore, India. It was built very long ago. The lake is inside the big Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. Many flowers and plants grow around the lake.

People come to Lalbagh Gardens to see the lake and walk around it. The lake has ducks swimming in it. Lots of visitors take photos of the lake and gardens. Seeing the evening sunset by the lake is very popular. Families like to picnic around Lalbagh Lake on holidays.

History Of Lalbagh Lake

Lalbagh lake images

Lalbagh Lake was built in 1760 by Hyder Ali to supply water to the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. An artificial lake, it was created by building bunds to store rainwater flowing from higher terrain. It has irrigated the gardens for over 250 years now. The lake provides ecological benefits and is also a popular recreational spot. In recent times, it faced issues like encroachment and drying up but restoration efforts have revived it. Lalbagh Lake continues to add scenic and environmental value for Bangalore.

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Lalbagh Lake Timings



Garden opens

6:00 AM to

7:00 PM

Garden opens

for public

9:00 AM to

6:00 PM

Boating hours:

9 am to 6 pm

Morning walkers' hour

6:00 AM to 9:00 AM to

6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Garden closes

7:00 PM

Lalbagh Lake Entry fee

There are no particular charges for Lalbagh lake watching . A single ticket consider in whole garden tour.let’s me tell you full details about lalbagh garden ticket prices.




Rs 25/person

Children below

12 years of age


Morning walkers' hour


School Students

(in uniform)


Garden closes


How To Reach At lalbagh lake

Step 1. Enter through West or North Gate – These are the most convenient gates to access the lake area. 

  • West Gate is on Hosur Road, opposite Siddapura Gate.
  • North Gate is on Mavalli Road. 

Step 2. Follow the paths – Once inside, follow the signboards or ask the security guards for directions to the lake. 
Step 3. From West Gate – Walk straight on the main paved path for 10 minutes to reach the lake. 
Step 4. From North Gate – Take the path going south, walk for 5-7 mins to reach the lake area. 
Step 5. Enjoy the lake – Once at the lake, you can relax, stroll around, go boating or bird watching in the lush surroundings.

best and most popular activities to do at Lalbagh Lake

Lalbagh lake images
  1. Boating – ₹100-200 per person for a 15-30 minute ride. This is one of the most popular activities at the lake. You can rent pedal boats, motor boats, and row boats.
  2. Toy train ride₹20-30 per person. Take a fun ride around the lake on the toy train for a unique experience.
  3. Birdwatching – Lalbagh Lake attracts many rare and migratory birds like spot-billed pelicans, painted storks, night herons and more. Bird watching walks are conducted. 
  4. Walking/Jogging – The tree-lined pathways surrounding the lake are ideal for morning walks and jogs in the fresh air. 
  5. Picnics – Many families and groups enjoy picnics on the green lawns. There are several picnic spots to choose from. 
  6. Photography – The beautiful lake and gardens make an excellent backdrop for photography enthusiasts. Sunrise and sunset times are great for captures. 
  7. Nature and wildlife spotting – Keep an eye out for aquatic life, insects, snakes and other creatures that call the lake their home. 
  8. Grab a snack – ₹50-100 per person. There are many snack stalls near the lake selling local snacks like corn, peanuts, ice-cream .

boating at Lalbagh Lake and the prices

Lalbagh lake images

Types of Boats:

  • Pedal boats – These are non-motorized boats that you have to pedal like a bicycle to move around the lake. 2 or 4 Seater options available. 
  • Row boats – These also need to be manually rowed using oars. Usually 2 or 4 Seater boats. 
  • Motor boats – These are motor powered boats and do not need any pedaling or rowing. Can seat Upto 6 people. Fastest ride. 

Boating Rates:

  • Pedal boats – Rs 100 per boat for 15 minutes, Rs 200 for 30 minutes 
  • Row boats – Rs 150 per boat for 15 minutes, Rs 300 for 30 minutes 
  • Motor boats – Rs 200 for 15 minutes, Rs 400 for 30 minutes 
  • Shikara boats – Bigger motorized boats for larger groups. Rs 500 per boat for 30 minutes. 


  • Boating opens from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. 
  • To avoid crowds, best to go early between 8:30 am to 10 am.

Best time to visit lalbagh lake

Lalbagh lake images

Early Morning (6am to 9am) – This is the ideal time to visit the lake for a pleasant experience. The gardens open at 6am. You can enjoy the fresh morning air birdwatching and no crowds during this time. 

Evening (4pm to 6pm) – As the day’s heat reduces, evenings are also a good time to visit. However, it may start getting crowded during sunset. 

Monsoon Season (July to September) – The lake and gardens look beautiful in monsoon with lush greenery all around. But be prepared for occasional rains. 

Winter Mornings (November to February) – The winter mornings are quite cold but still pleasant to take a stroll around the lake. Carry a light sweater. 

Avoid Summer Afternoons – Afternoon time in summers should be avoided as it can get very hot and uncomfortable. 

Avoid Public Holidays – The lake attracts huge crowds on public holidays and weekends. So visit on a normal weekday for a calm experience.


So friends overall we have discussed Lalbagh Lake is a beautiful and popular place in Bangalore. The big 24 acre lake was made by people long ago. Many plants, birds, fish, and animals live around it. Going to Lalbagh Lake is fun for the whole family to enjoy nature and boating. We must keep it clean so everyone can see its beauty.

lalbagh lake

Yes, boating facilities are available in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens in Bengaluru. Visitors can enjoy paddling around the lake in paddle boats. It’s a popular recreational activity for families and couples in the gardens.

Lalbagh Lake covers a scenic 40 acres within the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens in Bangalore, India.

Lalbagh Lake in Bengaluru is home to many resident and migratory birds. Commonly spotted birds include pond herons, purple moorhens, purple swamphens, common coots, and spot-billed ducks among others. Birdwatching by the lake is a popular activity for nature enthusiasts.

Lalbagh is named after the many red roses that originally grew there. ‘Lal’ means the color red in Hindi. ‘Bagh’ means garden. So Lalbagh refers to the ‘Red Garden’ – filled with red roses when it was first planted.

Lalbagh was not always called Lalbagh. Its old name was the Cypress Gardens. Hyder Ali started the gardens in the late 1700s. He named it Cypress Gardens, after the many Cypress trees there. That was changed to Lalbagh later.

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