Lalbagh Botanical Garden Ticket Price, Timings, Parking Full Guide 2024

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Ticket Price
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Hello friends are you planning a visit to Lalbagh Botanical Garden. Here’s a look at ticket prices. There are two main charges: one for entry to the garden and the other for the flower shows held occasionally. Let’s find out what you’ll have to pay for each. Adults have to pay Rs. ₹30 per person And children ₹10.  while children below 12 years and students with a valid ID card have free entry to the garden.Check full details About Lalbagh Botanical Garden Ticket Price 2024.

Category Entry Fee
₹30 Per Person
₹10 Per Person
Children below12 years of age
Morning Walkers(6 AM - 9 AM & 6 PM - 7 PM)
School Students(in uniform)
Senior Citizens(60 years and above)
₹30 Per Person
Still camera

lalbagh botanical garden Entry fee and ticket booking 2024

Lalbagh Botanical Garden entry fee

There is no online option to purchase entry tickets for Lalbagh Botanical Garden. The simple way to get your tickets is to buy them from the ticket counters located at the entrance of the garden. The park opens early in the morning and you can purchase tickets anytime until the evening before closing for the day.

1. Main Gate (Double Road Entrance)

  • This is the most commonly used gate to enter the garden.
  • There are many ticket counters here so you won’t have to wait long.
  • At these counters you can buy tickets for adults, children, students and people from other countries.

2. West Gate (Near Subhash Nagar )

  • People coming from the western part of the city use this gate.
  • There are some ticket counters at this gate.
  • You can buy all types of tickets here.

3. East Gate (Near Mavalli)

  • People coming from the eastern part of the city use this gate.
  • There are two or three ticket counters at this gate.
  • You can buy any type of ticket at these counters.

4. North Gate (Near Subbaiah Circle)

  • This gate is less crowded than the main gate.
  • There are one or two ticket counters at this gate.
  • All types of tickets are sold at these counters.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Flower Show Ticket Prices

The price of seeing the beautiful flower exhibition in Lalbagh Garden is different for different people. If you are an adult, you have to pay ₹80 on weekdays (Monday to Friday). But on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and special days you will have to pay ₹100. The price for small children below 12 years is only ₹30. And if you are a school kid wearing school uniform, you can go in and see the flowers for free

Best Time to visit Lalbagh Botanical Garden

  • 26 January – Watch the beautiful flower show celebrating Republic Day. Many beautiful flowers on display.
  • Early morning – it is peaceful and quiet, perfect for a walk in the garden.
  • Late Afternoon – The garden looks beautiful as the sun sets.
  • August – Another big flower show takes place for Independence Day.
  • Spring (February–March) – Nice weather not too hot or cold. Lots of flowers bloomed. 
  • Monsoon season (June–August) – Everything looks fresh and green, although it can rain sometimes.
  • On weekdays – less crowded, so you can move around freely.
  • September to February – Cooler temperatures make it fun to be outside.
  • When special exhibits are running – you may see displays or items that aren’t usually there. 
  • Early December – cool weather, ideal for picnics or leisurely walks.

Lalbag Garden All Entrance Overview



Nearby Attractions

West Gate

(Main Gate)

Siddapura side

Lalbagh rock, Kempegowda Tower

East Gate

Jayanagar side

Lalbagh lake,

lotus pond

South Gate

Basavanagudi side

Glass House, Floral Clock

North Gate

Near Glass House

Wide and big road, serves as primary entrance

Lalbagh Garden Smart Parking Charges

Vehicle Type

Charges for

3 hours

After 3 hours

additional charges


Rs 25

Rs 5 Per hours


Rs 30

Rs 10 Per hours

Tempo and

mini buses

Rs 50

Rs 20 Per hours

Heavy buses

Rs 100

Rs 50 Per hours


Ticket prices at Lalbagh Botanical Garden are low. This makes it easier for everyone to enjoy the garden.Tickets are cheaper on weekdays. Ticket prices are slightly higher on weekends and holidays because more people come then.Entry for children under 12 is free. This makes the garden a great place for families.The low prices show that the park wants to teach people about nature. It also aims to protect plants and provide a peaceful green area in the city.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden Ticket Price

Lalbagh Garden tickets cost a small amount of Rs. 25 for adults. On weekdays, it is cheaper than on weekends and public holidays. Children under 12 enter free.


  • Weekdays: Rs 80
  • Weekend: Rs 100

Children (below 12 years): Rs 30 per day

  • School children in uniform: free

Prices are a little higher than usual because it is a special show.

The Mango Festival at Lalbagh in Bangalore happens every year in May or early June. This is when mangoes are in full season. The specific dates can change a little from year to year. so the next Mango Mela held in June 2024.

Lalbagh usually does not have VIP tickets; Everyone pays the same entry fee. You can find pricing details on their official website. If there are any special tickets for events, they will let you know.

The Lalbagh Flower Show in Bangalore 2024 usually takes place around Independence Day in August from the 7th August  to  15th August. Lalbagh organizes two flower shows per year one in January around Republic Day and the other in August around Independence Day.

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