Explore Lalbagh Rose Garden – Photos 2024, Timings, Entry Fee

Lalbagh rose garden
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Hello everyone today we are very excited to share this article with you so that you can know interesting things about it. The Rose Garden is one of the most popular attractions of the 240-acre Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bangalore, India. It houses more than 1,600 varieties of roses from around the world. Spread over 5 acres of land.

Rose gardens range from miniature varieties to climbing roses grown on pergolas.Due to the favorable climate of Bangalore roses bloom throughout the year. The rose garden also hosts an annual rose show in May or June, when the roses are in full bloom.



Garden opens

6:00 AM to

7:00 PM

Garden opens

for public

9:00 AM to

5:00 PM

Watch Rose garden

In Public Hours

9:00 AM to

5:00 PM

Morning walkers' hour

6:00 AM to 9:00 AM to

6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Garden closes

7:00 PM

Lalbagh Rose Garden Entry Fee 2024

Friends for your best knowledge there are no particular charges for Rosegarde watching . A single ticket consider in whole garden tour.let’s me tell you full details about lalbagh garden ticket prices.

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Rs 25/person

Children below

12 years of age


Morning walkers' hour


School Students

(in uniform)


Best Time to See Lalbagh Rose Garden

Lalbagh Rose Garden
  1. Peak Blooming Season – January to February, when 1,600+ rose varieties are in full vibrant bloom. 
  2. Mornings – The ideal time especially early morning at sunrise when flowers are freshest. 
  3. Weekend Events – Visit on weekends when cultural programs and flower shows are often scheduled. 
  4. Annual Rose Show – Don’t miss the popular rose show held in early May. 
  5. Foggy Sunrise – Arrive at dawn when wisps of fog swirl around the fragrant blossoms. 
  6. Photography – Soft dawn light makes for excellent photographs. 
  7. Second Blooming – Many varieties bloom again from September through November. 
  8. Avoid Afternoons – Extreme summer heat can cause flowers to wilt by midday.

How to Reach at Rose Garden in Lalbagh

  • Enter through Gate 2 or 3 – These gates are the closest to the Rose Garden. You can purchase entry tickets here. 
  • Follow the main path with Glass House on your left – Walk straight along the main path lined with trees and plants on both sides. Keep the famous Glass House on your left. 
  • Take the second right turn on the main path – Walk for around 100 meters after taking this turn. 
  • Spot arched green signage for Rose Garden – Keep an eye out on the left for green arched signage marking the entry to the Rose Garden. 
  • Walk along the winding pathways – Once inside, follow the pathways winding through 1,800 rose varieties neatly arranged in flower beds. 
  • Enjoy the flowers – Take in the lovely floral scents and vibrant red, pink, yellow, white and orange rose blossoms all around you.

best things to see near the Rose Garden in Lalbagh

Lalbagh Rose Garden images
  1. Glass House: This historic conservatory with an intricate metal framework is one of the biggest attractions of Lalbagh. It houses exotic plants and flowers from around the world.
  2. Lalbagh Lake: A scenic man-made lake where you can spot vibrant birds like mynah pond heron and more. Boating available on the lake. 
  3. Lalbagh Rock: A massive rock that is over 3000 million years old with small aviary next to it housing exotic bird species. 
  4. Statue of Sri Chamarajendra Wodeyar: An impressive 20 feet tall marble statue of the former king of Mysore after whom the park is named. 
  5. Pigeon House: An architecturally impressive brick and cement structure that once housed pigeons. Surrounded by lush trees and lawn. 
  6. Directorate Building: Historic office structure of the Horticulture Department which manages the Botanical Garden. Features vintage architecture. 
  7. Lotus Pond: Quaint lotus pond near the West Gate featuring vibrant pink lotus flowers blooming amid lily pads. 
  8. Butterfly Enclosure: Houses colorful native butterflies that look resplendent in the midst of diverse nectar plants.

Best Activities Near Lalbagh Rose Garden

Lalbagh Rose Garden images
  • Boat Rides – Enjoy serene paddle boating rides on the scenic Lalbagh Lake and view the roses from the water. 
  • Birdwatching – Spot exotic vibrant birds near the lake, rockery and trees surrounding the rose garden. 
  • Photography – Capture gorgeous images of roses, lakes, trees, birds, and scenic landscapes. 
  • Picnics – Have a small picnic on the lawn while enjoying the floral scents and colors. 
  • Walking Tours – Take a guided walking tour to learn about the rich history of Lalbagh’s gardens. 
  • Yoga – Attend a rejuvenating yoga class on the lawn in the fresh morning air. 
  • Shopping – Buy rose plants, floral bouquets, seeds and gardening items from nearby nurseries.
  • Snack Breaks – Refuel at the canteen serving hot snacks and beverages near the West Gate.

types of Roses in Lalbagh rose garden

Lalbagh Rose Garden images

As one of the most prominent and largest rose gardens in India, the Lalbagh Botanical Garden Rose Garden in Bangalore houses over 1,600 varieties of roses from diverse types and species from across the world.

Hybrid Tea Roses – The most popular modern rose with large, classic flower form. Over 100 varieties. 

Floribunda Roses – Clusters of small to medium-sized flowers bloom abundantly. Common in Lalbagh. 

Climbing Roses – Grown on pergolas and archways. Add vertical interest. 

Miniature Roses – Grow between 6″ to 24″ in height and have tiny flower buds. Hundreds of mini roses. 

Grandiflora Roses – Have the flower form of hybrid teas but in clusters like floribundas. Dozens of kinds. 

Polyantha Roses – An ancestral form that blooms in large sprays and clusters continuously. 

Shrub Roses – Hardy with semi-double flowers. Grow as bushy shrubs with wide spread. 

Old Garden Roses – Includes Gallicas, Centifolias, Damasks etc. Grown in fragrant old rose section.


So Friends overall we have discussed The Lalbagh Rose Garden is home to over 1,600 rose varieties from around the world, making it one of India’s most diverse and stunning rose collections. Spread across 5 acres, lose yourself among the fragrant floral paths blooming in every color and size imaginable. No trip to Bangalore is complete without visiting this iconic floral paradise.

Lalbagh Rose Garden

There is no separate ticket for just the rose garden. You need to purchase the general Lalbagh Botanical Gardens entry ticket which is Rs 25 per person for adults. Additional charges apply for camera and parking. Entry is free for school children on weekends and public holidays.

You can take a bus or auto to reach Lalbagh West Gate. From there, enter through West Gate 4 which leads directly to the flower shows area. Tickets have to be purchased separately for the annual Republic Day and Independence Day flower shows held in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens.

The Lalbagh flower show is a stunning annual exhibition held in August. It showcases imaginative floral interpretations of famous monuments, structures and figures using over 20 lakh colorful flowers. It is a key highlight of India’s Independence Day celebrations held at the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens in Bangalore.

Yes, cameras are allowed inside the popular Lalbagh Botanical Gardens Flower Show. You have to pay a nominal camera fee of Rs 50 per camera. Video cameras are also permitted at an additional cost. Taking photographs of the amazing floral interpretations is a favorite activity at the show.

Kissing is not Allowed  in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, but public displays of affection are discouraged. For a pleasant experience, it is advised to refrain from intimate contact.

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